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Objectives of Enforcing Islamic Laws



According to this saying, Imam has been given the mission to enforce Islamic law and distribute resources justly in addition to guiding and directing the society. In another narration, the following objectives have been outlined for the Islamic government:

1. Reviving the signs of Islam

2. Reforming the affairs of the land

3. Creating safe environment for the oppressed

4. Upholding forsaken laws

In Islamic view towards government, the objective of gaining power is not to gain wealth and material riches; the purpose is to serve the religion of God and help the people: “ O' Allah! Thou knows that what we did was not to seek power nor to acquire anything from the vanities of the world. We rather wanted to restore the signs of Thy religion and to usher prosperity into Thy cities so that the oppressed among Thy creatures might be safe and Thy forsaken commands might be established.”‌ [1]

Imam’s duties as the ruler of the society include protecting permitted and prohibited issues, enforcing fix penalties, defending Islam, inviting people to the path of serving God through wisdom, good advice and the best argument. [2]

Accepting the necessity of giving priority to cultural approach for promoting piety implies that in some circumstances there is no way but the interference of the government and resorting to force to enforcing divine laws and values, protecting people’s spiritual rights and maintaining divine values.

[1] . Nahj al-Balagha, sermon 131

[2] . Koleini, Kafi, vol.1, p. 200

Ahmad Niazi, graduate of Qom Seminary and Phd student of Al Mustafa international university

Source: Political science journal, No. 3

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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