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Leading the Society towards Perfection


Imam Ali also says “Imam should teach faith and boundaries of Islam to people under his rule.”‌ [1] – And, “Supreme happiness is to make attempt to reform affairs of all and educate the public.”‌[2] – Regarding the duties of the ruler, Imam Ali says, “Certainly, there is no obligation on the Imam except what has been devolved on him from Allah, namely to convey warnings, to exert in good advice.”‌ [3]

With regards to carrying his duty to guide people, Imam Ali says, “I upheld the lantern of faith among you and taught you the limits of permitted (Halal) and forbidden (Haram). Salvaged you by my justice and spread virtue among you through my words and conduct, and showed you the chosen ethics through my personality.”‌ [4]

The value that Islam places on knowledge and scholars and encouraging people to learn led to the flourishing of various scientific courses in the main Islamic centers over two centuries. Muslims embarked on a scientific campaign as religious duty and discovered new things in addition to using the knowledge of the past; they did not limit themselves to translating and quoting, they critically studied thoughts of their time.


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Ahmad Niazi, graduate of Qom Seminary and Phd student of Al Mustafa international university

Source: political science journal, No. 3

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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