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Many modern theoreticians of the philosophy of politics believe that apart from security, freedom is the most important objective that a government must strive to achieve. According to this view freedom takes precedence over eradicating discrimination and just distribution of resources. Strictness of the Church and forcing people to lead a religious life paved the ground for the emergence of this view among Western theoreticians.

In liberalism, individual freedom and independence are unconditional. Everyone is entitled to his own definition of happiness and purpose of life. No one is allowed to force or persuade others to choose a certain way of life under the pretext of truth, good or happiness. This theory is based on this view that no choice or decision is superior to other choices or decisions; all are equal.  The argument that certain “Good”‌ are more rational or superior does not justify interference in people’s private domain. [1]

Skepticism or relativism and knowledge pluralism form the ontological basis of this view. According to this view, it is not possible to obtain a true knowledge about the good in order to use it as general and imperative criteria for regulating and controlling actions. No ethical or knowledge system outside of our wish and resolve cannot control our wish and resolve. [2]Therefore, only freedom can limit personal freedom.

Islam does not accept this view; because mind can show people the way towards happiness and salvation by drawing on revelation. Although mind cannot perceive all the ways of attaining happiness on it’s own, but it can do so by relying on revelation.


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Ahmad Niazi, graduate of Qom Seminary and Phd student of Al Mustafa international university

Source: political science journal, No. 3

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