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How to Treat Rheumatism Naturally?


Rheumatism has been a part of the human condition for as long as anyone can remember. This condition may have been called by another name or given some common name depending on where on the planet you live. No matter what it’s called, it is essential that we understand the causes of rheumatism so we can do our best to prevent it or get rid of it.

This condition is caused by a buildup of toxins, waste material and acidic liquids in the body. Symptoms include pain in the joints when it is cold and damp or when we move about in our normal, everyday manner. If the joints become severely affected we may find it impossible to move altogether.

Symptoms of Rheumatism

· Fever

· Intense soreness

· Swelling

· Stiffness of the affected muscles

· Body pain

· Joint pain

· Pain in eyes

· Loss of sleep

· Coma

· Improper urination

Cut These Out

No, we’re not talking about cutting out bones or ligaments or whole joints. We are talking about eliminating certain types of food and drink. Cut out caffeinated beverages, fried foods, fatty foods and sugar products. All of these are difficult for the body to process and may lead to the buildup of the toxins and acids mentioned earlier.

Even if you make major changes in your diet your body will still need some assistance in cleaning itself up. You should begin eating more fresh fruit and when you do eat a meal make sure you chew your food well to help the body digest the food items.

One of the most important steps you can take to get rid of rheumatism involves eating the correct foods and drinking the correct liquids. Citrus fruit and foods with lots of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin C are ideal.

In addition to changing your food intake it will be important to begin an exercise program, even if that program is very limited. The body is more efficient at eliminating waste products when it is “pushed”‌ a bit by regular activity. A sedentary lifestyle (little or no exercise, sitting down while working) may be a major contributing factor to several diseases and conditions, including rheumatism.

Home remedy for Rheumatism

· To treat rheumatism would be to have one or two tsp of raw potato juice before meals.

· Blend 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil in a glass of orange juice. Whip and drink this juice before going to bed.

· Blend carrot juice and lemon juice in equal proportions. Drink a large spoonful of this mixture, everyday, to cure rheumatism.

· Take two tbsp of water, add one tbsp fresh limejuice. Drink this twice a day -in the morning and at night.

· Green stalk of rhubarb is effective in curing rheumatism. Squash this with equal amounts of sugar. Eat a tsp of this mixture three or four times everyday.

· Juices made from celery have been known to be effective against rheumatism. Mix the celery juice in warm water then drink.

· Take a cup of bitter gourd juice. Mix it with a tsp of honey. Every day dose of this, for three months, would be helpful in treating rheumatism.

Prevent for Rheumatism

· Take hot Epsom salt baths twice a week is beneficial. Still the affected areas should be bathed. · Do light outdoor exercises; deep breathing and fresh air are helpful.




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