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Wood block and Traditional Printing

wood block printing

Speaking of preliminary type of wood block printing, the desired designs were painted on cotton or possibly silk fabric with a pen and special chemical substances were used for fixing the color.

Due to the absence of needed consistency amongst the designs and with respect to the fact that it required great deal of time, the gradual evolution of wood block printing led to the replacement of pen with wooden stamps in order to have a higher rate of production as well as creating consistency amongst the designs.

Almost the majority of Iranians used block wood printed fabrics in the past. In addition to using these fabrics for producing different clothing, they were used as curtain, table cloth, prayer mat, quilt cover, bundle, cushion cover, handkerchief and decorative inscriptions at mourning ceremonies. Parts of the products are exported to other countries.

The designs are carved on pear wood or hawthorn wood and the dyes are separated with maximum four colors and the said dyes will be later used.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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