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Imam Ali’s Advice to Malek in Selecting Officials


imam ali (a.s)

O, Malek, habituate your heart to mercy for the subjects and to affection and kindness for them. Don’t stand over them like greedy beasts who feel it is enough to devour them, since they are of two kinds, either your brother in religion or one like you in creation. …

Appoint reputable, upright and God-fearing ministers and officers. The worst minister for you is he who has been a minister for mischievous persons before you, and who joined them in sins. … Therefore, he should not be your chief man, because they are abettors of sinners and brothers of the oppressors. You can find good substitutes for them who will be like them in their views and influence, while not being like them in sins and vices. They have never assisted oppressor in his oppression or a sinner in his sin. They will give you the leader trouble and the least inclined towards others. Therefore, make them our chief companions in privacy as well as in public. Then, more preferable among them for you should be those who openly speak better truth before you and who support you least in those of your actions which Allah does not approve in His friends, even though they may be according to your wishes.

Associate yourself with God-fearing and truthful people; then educate them, so that they should not praise you or please you by reason of an action you did not perform, because excess of praise produces pride and drives you near haughtiness.[1]

 Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


[1] Nahjul Balaghah, letter 53.

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