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The Leader’s Remarks in the Meeting with the Assembly of Experts (Part 3)

ayatollah ali khamenei

Governance of Jurisprudence and Micro Jurisprudence

Governance jurisprudence and jurisprudence for development is quite different from the publically known micro jurisprudence. In other words, even though governance jurisprudence relies on descriptive resources and religious values similar to individual jurisprudence but it becomes different compared to micro jurisprudence since it has to handle the issue of building a system and structure for governance in line with social evolution. Because in case of micro jurisprudence the jurist does not consider himself responsible for social evolution. But in case of governance jurisprudence the jurist considers his main obligation as to contribute to the process of social and religious evolution and management of social developments and events aimed at expanding monotheism in the global arena and undermining the international front of atheism and discord. Micro jurisprudence has no serious approach towards building a system but governance jurisprudence considers its main objective as building a system in a rational and efficient way based on religion in the whole world of Islam and presenting the theory of religious popular rule as a prescription for the salvation of the Islamic Ummah. By taking a proper look at the world of Islam at the current juncture one will better realize the strategic nature of the remarks made by Imam Khamenei. One should take into account the nature of these uprisings that have been originated at Friday prayers and religious congregations. In this way it will become clear that today more than ever before the intellectuals of the world of Islam are hopeful towards the Shiite seminaries and these seminaries are shouldering a historical duty today. In case the popular and religious revolutions of the oppressed people in different corners of the world are not made systematic and sustainable social understanding is not created for realizing public slogans, the revolutionary eagerness will be lessened and all the achievements will be lost and in case of opportunism by the sworn enemies of the world of Islam measures may be even taken in contrast with these objectives, ideals and slogans.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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