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  • 6/11/2013

The Leader’s Remarks in the Meeting with the Assembly of Experts (Part 2)

ayatollah ali khamenei

Governance of jurisprudence

Recently, the Leader of Islamic Revolution had a meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts. The majority of the individuals present at this meeting were jurists as well as the commencement of educational activities by seminaries throughout the country. The Leader remarked some points which act as the road map for Shiite jurisprudential seminaries in the new academic year. Furthermore, his calls on the glorious and profound current of jurisprudence is an implicit decree in line with presenting theories based on methodology concerning the direction of the regional and international current of the system of Islamic and social Velayat. In case of adopting a profound approach, this can lead a new discourse for the theoretical and structural export of the Islamic Revolution. In case of negligence, the administrative models of the East or the West as well as eclectic or laic models will be placed in Islamic states and will lead to the hijacking of regional Islamic revolutions by the deceptive and opportunist trans-regional countries. In order to realize the calls made by the Leader, the seminaries and eminent jurists are expected to further focus on governance jurisprudence and role of religion in development. Of course, enough attention must be paid to the difference between micro jurisprudence and macro jurisprudence as well as development. The religious scholars’ perception of jurisprudence prior to the realization of the Islamic establishment was mainly shaped based on micro individual relationships.

But following the triumph of Iran’s Islamic Revolution led by one of the most prominent jurists of Shia history people came to learn about a different level of jurisprudence namely Islam as a social deed. In this stage of the evolutionary history of religious epistemology in the world of Islam a new chapter of jurisprudence was opened at Shiite seminaries which were the governance jurisprudence that focused on the comprehensive development of religion in all the individual, social and international arenas.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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