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Observing the Rights of People by Ruler in Islamic Jurisprudence System unlike Despotic System

imam khomeini

Some have mistakenly claimed that ownership, rulership on possessions and vilayat is reigning on people. The difference is that in ownership the owner makes decisions to safeguard his material and spiritual interests, while in religious leadership the ruler considers public interests not personal interests. The monarchies and despotic rulers consider themselves owners of their people as subjects and the ruler is thus given authority to make use of people as he pleased to gain his interests as such people are his personal possessions. A question might be answered here: Are people incapable of decision-making to need a jurisprudent? First, the religious ruler does not have any advantage over others. Second, people deserve the right to supervise the performance of religious leader. Third, social system necessarily needs the government and a ruler no matter corrupt or just. Fourth, the religious leader is selected by the Assembly of Experts who are selected themselves by the people.


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Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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