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Religious Democracy

divine guidance

· The need for the organs of the government stem from the fact that human beings are not satisfied with what they have. They may be selfish and aggressive. Therefore, the society needs laws. But mere good laws are not enough; we need executive mechanism to implement them. At the same time if in the course of implementation of law, human beings commit offense or violate those laws, there should be an organ to punish the offenders; hence the need to judiciary.

· However, human beings have limited knowledge. God is Omniscient and His knowledge has been handed down to man through revelation. It is the Divine knowledge that can set the universal limits, laws and rules and regulations. Since God has full knowledge of His creatures, He is entitled and competent to set the laws for governing man's social and individual life. Human beings cannot evade government because they cannot life in isolation from each other.

· Another important aspect of man's life is that he lives in this world as his transitory abode. Hence he must prepare himself for the hereafter. Preparation for the hereafter is possible only through following the divine teachings. There are certain rules that cannot be implemented by individuals. Hence the necessity of establishment of religious government. But a religious government cannot be established without the consent of the people. As a result, religious democracy is the best form of government to raise honest human beings to live a descent life in this world who are at the same time virtuous enough to fulfil their divine duties and face felicity and salvation in the hereafter.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

Ahmad Niazi, graduate of Qom Seminary and Phd student of Al Mustafa international university

Source: political science journal, No. 3

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