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The Purpose of Government

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Contemporary governments have vast capabilities to exercise control. Therefore they can play influential role in different economic, cultural, social and educational fields. Governments can influence thoughts, orientations, values, way of life and man’s view toward himself, society and the world. Political powers usually play prominent roles in various social fields such as determining economic structure, designing and promoting educational models, managing current of information, providing family structure models, promoting certain entertainment and valuing certain arts.

The important question, nonetheless, is that what is the purpose of establishing a government and what obligations does it have? On the other hand, determining the purpose and obligations of the government pinpoints the limits of its legitimate interference. We should clarify what is the purpose of the government according to the rational view: Is the government’s purpose is merely to maintain order, security and provide material welfare for the people or as supreme and dominant they have the duty to direct and protect values? In that case the interference of governmental institution in strengthening accepted values is rational and justifiable.

The opposite theory is that the government must adopt an impartial stance towards the issue of values and determining good and happiness. Answering this question requires the political theoretician to adopt certain cosmological, anthropological, epistemological and axiological stances.

Ahmad Niazi, graduate of Qom Seminary and Phd student of Al Mustafa international university

Source: political science journal, No. 3

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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