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  • 5/23/2013

Iran slams meddlesome election remarks by ‘misinformed’ US

seyyed abbas araqchi

Iran has strongly criticized the United States for making “baseless remarks”‌ about the country’s electoral process and interfering in its domestic affairs.

According to Press TV, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Araqchi said on Wednesday: “Flawed judgment on the basis of poor knowledge and misinformation about the electoral process in Iran, is not only interference in the Iranian nation’s domestic affairs and in contradiction with basic international laws, but offends the political maturity and awareness of Iran’s discerning people.”‌

Araqchi said the US lacks adequate knowledge and is incapable of a sound analysis of politics in the Middle East.

He stated: “The Iranian nation and the world’s public opinion have witnessed over half a century of US support for dictatorial and despotic regimes in the region, and do not care for their obsolete claims in support of democracy.”‌

The comments come after US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell criticized Iran’s Guardian Council over the vetting process that has disapproved hundreds of presidential hopefuls.

Araqchi said that US officials must learn more about the electoral process in Iran before making comments about the presidential election.

Source: irib.ir

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