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Poetry on the blessed birth of Imam Ali (A.S)

imam ali (a.s)

Heavenly purity bends to earth

To bless in the Kaba the blisful birth,

Mourn the idols their fatal day;

In this birth Islam pre-attains a full sway.

Idols to their worshippers are unkind.

Awakes to grief the stubborn pagan mind,

Wherever the name of Ali is laid

Remains protected in shade the shade,

Battlefields aspire the fight,

To gaze the victor with fix’d delight,

No warrior's garments torn, no bodies stripped bare,

Ali though a victor but of his victims takes care,

Never shall he leave a battle ground

Till notes of triumph burst round.

The rising dust shall proclaim Islam restored

Shall felicitate ‘Zulfikhar’ each and every sword,

In the pictured glories of Ali

Nothing but trust in gold we see,

The breezy lawn, or garden or forest deep;

In love and trust Ali’s name all alike keep.

O' youths of the clear unsullied sight,

The virtues of Ali to you individually invite,

O' Ali! Your love is without range

Life’s prospects at your love change.

If one gazes in his soul’s mirror true,

By turns your shifting image can view,

O' Heaven! Whatever of greatness you boast

None equals because Ali is your host,

You among the fairest Flower of the Quraish’ stem

Islam’s shield, and Islam’s gem,

Indeed the Prophet is better than us and too wise–

Ghadeer is enough; no need of Saqifa’s seditious despise,

The power of your love bids my soul aspire

Far from my bosom dries up the desire;

Ali is the spring; all the springs spring from it;

His Birthplace is the Kaba, the cardinal unit.

By Dr. Hassan Najafi

Source: .irib.ir

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