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Ali’s Genealogy (Part 1)

imam ali (a.s)

Beyond doubt, kinship with the Messenger of Allah is both a unique privilege and superiority over others. Hence, God considers the honor of kinship with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as part of the honor of nearest relations when we read in the Holy Qur’an: “and warn your nearest relations”‌ (26:214).

Elsewhere, God says: “and most surely it is a reminder for you and your people”‌ (43:44). It is for this reason that God Almighty has prohibited giving charity to them due to their honor and dignity. Hence, the closer a person is to the Messenger of Allah, the more honorable and dignified he or she is. [1]

Imam Ali (A.S) has said: We are a family beyond comparison. [2]

Abu-`Uthman Jahiz who was an ardent enemy of Imam `Ali says: `Ali was truthful in what he said! How can we compare anyone with this family when the Messenger of Allah, two purified persons, `Ali and Fatimah, their two sons, Hassan and Hussein, two martyrs of Islam, Hamzah and Jafar who flies in paradise with two wings, the great chief of Hijaz, `Abd al-Muttalib, the provider of water to the Hajj pilgrims, `Abbas, the wise man of Batha' and Najdah, Abu-Taib  are from this family in which all the merits and virtues are gathered. Ansar are their helpers and Muhajir are those who immigrated towards them. Accepter is one who has accepted them and Faruq, that is, the distinguisher between justice and injustice is among them. True disciples are their disciples and if Dhu’l-Shahadatayn (the man of double testimony) was honored with this title, it is because his testimony is about them.

A proof of their dignity is that the Messenger of Allah said: Verily, I am leaving among you two valuable things. You will not go astray after me as long as you adhere to them. One is greater than the other. They are the Book of Allah, which is a rope stretched from the heavens to the earth, and my Household. They will never separate from one another until they come to me at the Pond.

Verily, if the household of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was like other people, `Umar would not ask Ali to be his father-in-law to obtain the honor of kinship.`Umar reported the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as saying: Every relation through blood or marriage on the Day of Judgment will be cut off except relation with me, which will never be cut off. These were good traits of all members of the Holy Prophet’s household. Nevertheless, Imam Ali (A.S) has special privileges for the blessed days of his life and his excellent qualities the description of which requires voluminous books to cover.

Imam Ali is a man of noble birth, supreme position, abundant knowledge, wonderful rhetoric, eloquent speech, and broadmindedness. Based on this, his morality is an example of his pure and genuine character. Ali’s personality testifies to the former honors of his family. This is Ali’s description by an enemy let alone by his devotee in whose veins the love for Ali runs. [3]


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Taken From “Certainty Uncovered”‌ by Jamal al-Din ibn Yusuf 'Allamah Hilli

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