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How to Relax Before Bed

how to relax before bed

A good night’s sleep makes us fresh and productive the following day. But while for some of us, a long tiring day followed by a good dinner is all it takes to make the eyelids droopy, some face immense problems falling asleep despite their best efforts. Not all people can fall asleep as soon as their head touches the pillow. It is just not as simple for some. If you lie awake for countless hours in the bed, trying in vain to count sheep, etc, you have stumbled upon the correct article. A few changes here and there in your routine will ensure that you are never sleepless in Seattle or anywhere else. There are times when we are exhausted and all that we can think about is our warm and cosy bed. But the sad part is that when some of us climb into the bed restlessness strikes and sleep vanishes into thin air. Reasons why you are left wide awake in bed can be many – excitement, anxiety, stress etc. But if you are ready to deal with it, then read on!

 Ways to Relax Before Bed

 Dim the Lights

Our biological clock is programmed in a certain way. We wake up when it is morning and sleep during the night. The fact that there is light in the morning and dark at night is an important observation to be made here. So if you are tossing and turning in your bed, trying in vain to get some sleep, you might want to reconsider those bright lights in the room and turn them off. If a street lamp is bothering you, pull the curtains or buy a sleeping mask.

 Avoid exercising right before you sleep

Exercising before sleep increases the blood flow to your heart thus it will take you a couple of hours to get calm and composed. So avoid exercising right before you sleep.

 A Warm Shower

This is the best relaxing therapy. Get into those comfortable pyjamas right after a warm shower and tuck yourself into a nice cosy blanket. Warm showers work wonders on a tired body and the sleep that follows is sound, relaxing and refreshing.

 Soothing Music

At times when worries don’t leave you at peace and the stressful thoughts refuse to go away, it is prudent to trick your mind and divert it elsewhere. And soothing music is just the distraction you are looking for. Remember the lullaby your mother sang to you when you were a little kid? Worked wonders, didn’t it? Substitute that lullaby with soothing music and see how it calms your mind and lulls you into a deep and peaceful slumber.

 Healthy Dinner

A light dinner with a glass of warm milk is an amazing sleep inducer. But a cup of coffee or any caffeinated drink just makes matters worse. There are certain food items which contain essential amino acids, like tryptophan, that help inducing sleep. Banana, honey, almonds are a few examples.


There are times when worrying about lack of sleep makes matters worse. At these times, avoid going back to the computer or switching on the T.V. Instead, try reading a story book or do some neck stretching or shoulder exercising or massage your feet etc. Another option would be to maintain a journal. And you could scribble down the activities that took place during the day. The whole idea is to do something relaxing until you feel sleepy enough to doze off.

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