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Martyrdom Anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (A.S): Part 1

hazrat zahra (a.s)

“O Father! So great was the magnitude of calamities upon me after you; had they befallen bright days they would have turned into dark nights.”‌

It is part of a moving elegy of a daughter at the grave of her father. Although in the prime of youth, she was bent and leaning on a staff, because of severe pain in her ribs. She was lamenting the rough treatment meted out to her by a roguish group of her father’s companions, who, not just seized her patrimony and deprived her husband of his political rights, but also battered upon her the blazing door of her house, as a result of which she suffered broken ribs and miscarriage. The stillborn Mohsen, thus became the first victim of the Prophet’s progeny to be martyred by those claiming to be Muslims. So grave were her sufferings that she was destined to live no more than 75 days – according to another account 95 days – after her father’s departure from the mortal world. Let us present to you some more passages of the moving elegy of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (A.S), whom God has hailed in the holy Qur’an as Kowsar or the Heavenly Fountain of Perpetual Abundance.

"Father! I remain bewildered and lonely; confused and lonesome. My voice is subdued. My back is broken. My life is disturbed… Surely, after you, (God's) revelations, the place of Gabriel's descent and Michael's station have vanished. Father! Motives have changed and gates have been shut in my face." "Father! I will forever be sorrowful until we are reunited… Father! We became after you among the oppressed. Father! People shun us after you, after we were glorified by your presence…" "Father! How gloomy are your meeting places (without your presence)! How pained I am for you, until I soon join you! How bereaved is Abu'l-Hassan (Imam Ali), the father of your two (grand)sons Hasan and Husain; your beloved one; he whom you brought up as a youth, and made your brother as a man; the most beloved of your companions to you; Abu'l-Hassan, who was the first to migrate and help you."

The mourner of the Prophet’s daughter, wherever they might be around the world, including the Prophet’s city Medina, from where her soul flew to the ethereal heavens, have no specific spot to visualize as her shrine, since Fatima Zahra (A.S) does not have a tomb. No one knows where exactly the noblest-ever lady was laid to rest, because she did not want even the shadow of her tormentors to fall on her grave. Here is part of her Last Will to her weeping husband, the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (A.S), for whose divinely-decreed right of leadership of the ummah, she sacrificed her life:

"I ask you not to let anyone who did injustice to me to witness my funeral, for they are certainly enemies of mine, and the enemies of Allah's Messenger. Don't give them the chance to pray over me, nor to any of their followers. Burry me at night when eyes are rested and sight is put to sleep."

Her words are indicative of the degree of harm she suffered at the hands of the neo Muslims, who despite their claim to be heirs of the political legacy of her father, totally disregarded the Prophet’s statement: “Fatima is a part of me; whoever hurts her has hurt me, and whoever hurts me, has indeed displeased God.”‌

Source: Iran Radio Islam

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