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Accelerate the nuclear activities: Ahmadinejad

iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad

Iran President noting that some people have been seeking to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear technology said: “the nation stood and gained this technology, can anyone take it from Iran?”‌

Islamic Republic of Iran President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the national day of Nuclear Technology which was held at the Atomic Energy Organization referring to various aspects of the use of nuclear technology and said:”‌ today, nuclear energy and its various aspects with the efforts of doctor Abbasi and his colleagues, more than ever, have been moving forward quickly with his planning and making it [nuclear technology] available to Iranian nation.

He pointed to the use of nuclear energy in electricity production and commissioning of the Bushehr nuclear power plant and said: “Today the applications of nuclear science are very broad, and one of the most important areas is radioisotopes treatments.

The President referring to the operation of five new radioisotopes for use in the pharmaceutical said: “today radiopharmaceutical drugs in the treatment and diagnosis have very broad applications, many incurable diseases, using the radiopharmaceutical is quickly diagnosed and treated.

The US and the Western powers have been accusing Iran of seeking nuclear weapons in its nuclear program.

Source: mehrnews.com

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