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  • 4/6/2013

My House Is Cloudy

nima yushij

My house is cloudy

The entire earth is cloudy.

Above the narrow pass, the shattered and desolate

Wind whirls downward.

The entire world is desolated by it

So are my senses!

O piper who has lost the road entranced by the melody of the flute,

Where are you?

My house is cloudy but

The cloud is on the verge of weeping .

In the memory of my bright days that slipped through my fingers,

I cast a look upon my sun on the threshold of the ocean

And the entire world is desolated and shattered by the wind

And on the road, the piper continues to play his flut.,

In this cloud-filled world

His own path stretching out before him.


By Nima Yushij

Source: academia.edu

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