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Inquiry on Bahlool's Welfare


Haroon once inquired from Bahlool about his welfare and how he was keeping. In reply he said:

"So long as I do not take over upon myself the responsibility of governing and matters pertaining to the Muslim Ummah, I shall remain alright" "But don't you know that to maintain justice and fairplay among Muslims is Ibadat - an act of virtue", said Harooh.

"I know that but the Cafiph himself ought to be obedient and not an usurper since the caliphate is the right of the children of Ali (A.S)". retorted Bahlool. "Don't you like to live forever with pleasure and happiness?”‌. Asked Haroon.

"No, because if I were always to enjoy the pleasure of worldly blessings, I am likely to forget Allah, the reality of my true self and my welfare and salvation in the next world and I do not want to risk that. I am only willing to accept and be satisfied with what is my right", replied Bahlool.

Thus Bahlool demonstrated his profound sense of contentment besides his strong belief in the fact that the more one is attached to worldly pleasures, the more the risks of forgetting Allah and the life hereafter. How truly is the saying of the Prophet:

"Contentment is such a wealth which does not get exhausted" Contentment has been regarded as capital and estate for the reason that just as the estate and area under sway dispels need in the same way when a man adopts contentment and feels happy over his livelihood he becomes free of turning to others in the time of need. Whoever is contented with the morsel he gets, dry or wet, is the king of all the land and sea.

Taken from the book “The Moral Stories (Part 2)”‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Author: Ahmed .H. Sheriff

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