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My God

hatef esfahani

Open your heart’s eye to behold the living core,

Whatever is hidden there you will score.

If in the realm of love you plough, the bowers

From pole to pole you will see clustered with flowers.

 To all lovers this realm, obedient does roll,

And globes in globes circle from pole to pole.

What you see is that which your heart wants,

And that which you behold is your heart.

The footless beggar in this realm of passion

Will see a world of wealth and of fashion.

 Here the feet of all the bare-footed are pressed

On the head of the pompous and the mightiest.

 Each atom of your tender heart you bore,

You will see a sun smiling within the core.

 And if in the furnace of love you expire whole,

You will find love the alchemy of the soul.

And if you forsake the cares of life, beyond

A vast empire you’ll see which has no bound.

 That which is barred to your ear you will hear

And that blurred to your eye will appear.

Fired you soar high and reach a sphere boldly

Where one you see of the world and the worldly.

 Love the One only with all your heart and soul

And see with surety, clarity and fully.

 That there is God only and none but God

God is the sole being and none but God.


By Hatef Esfahani

Source: caroun.com

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