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The Ahl-ul-Bayt's (A.S) Assiduity in Worship (Part 2)


Imam Sadiq (A.S): when Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S) took the codex of Ali (A.S), he looked at it and said: Who has such capability? Who has such capability? Imam Sadiq (A.S) says: Ever after, Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S) acted according to the codex and whenever he would get up for prayers the color of his face would change to the extent that the change was evident in his face. None of Ali's (A.S) children had as much power to act as Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S)

Amr ibn Abd Allah ibn Hind al-Jamali quoted Imam al-Baqir (A.S) as saying: When Fatima, daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S) noticed the assiduity of her nephew (Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S)) in worship, went to Jabir ibn Abd Allah ibn Amr ibn Hizam Al-Ansari and told him: O companion of Rasul Allah! We have certain rights on you, among which is that when you see one of us doing harm to himself by hardworking, remind Allah to him and ask him to save his life. This is Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S) who, out of extreme worship, has injured his nose, and made his forehead, knees and palms calloused.

Jabir ibn Abd Allah went to Ali ibn Al-Hussein's (A.S) house and saw near the door Abu Jafar Muhammed ibn Ali (A.S) among a group of Bani Hashim youth who had gathered there. Going toward them, Jabir Said: This is Rasul Allah's gait and disposition; O young man! Who are you? He replied: I am Muhammad ibn Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S). Drops of tears flowed down Jabir's cheeks, and then he said: By Allah you are rightfully the one who splits knowledge (making it clear and understandable); come near me, may my father and mother be sacrificed to you. Imam(A.S) went to him; Jabir embraced him, paced his hand on his own chest, kissed it, and put his face to the Imam's(A.S) face and hand and told him: I convey your ancestor Rasu Allah's (PBUH) greetings to you; he has ordered me to give you his greeting; and to do with you what I did. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) told me: May you live long enough to visit one of my descendents whose name is Muhammad and who splits knowledge to perfection. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) told me: You will live so long that you will turn blind and then sight will return to your eyes. Imam Baqir (A.S) says: He told me: Ask permission from your father for me to visit him. Abu Ja'far [Al-Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S)] went to his father and informed him of the event. His Holiness (A.S) said: My son! He is Jabir Ibn Abd Allah, and proceeded to say: did he talk so and did he address you from among all the kin children? Imam Baqir (A.S) said: Ay, we belong to Allah, He has not intended you any but (through making you known) He has jeopardized you. Imam Zaynal-Abidin (A.S) permitted Jabir to enter. When he came in he saw his Holiness (A.S) in his Mihrab, worn out as a result of much devotional practice (ibadah). Standing up, the Imam (A.S) warmly greeted him and seated him beside himself. Jabir addressed the Imam (A.S) saying: O son of Rasul Allah! Do you not know that Allah has created the Paradise for you and your devotees, and has created the Hell Fire for your malevolent enemies? So what is so much endeavor that you have committed yourself to? Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S) replied: O companion of Rasul Allah! Do you not know that Allah has forgiven my ancestors'[Tark al-Awla (neglect in performing greater deeds)], past and present? But, yet the Holy Prophet(PBUH) did not give up assiduity in the way of Allah and went on worshipping Him-May my father and mother be sacrificed to him-as much as his legs and soles got swollen. When his Holiness (PBUH) was asked: You are taking it so hard on yourself, whereas Allah has forgiven your past and future Tark al-Awla?! He replied: Should not I be a grateful servant?

As Jabir observed Ali ibn al Hussein (A.S) and noticed that his words to prevent the Imam (A.S) from assiduity and severe practices and to convince him to adopt moderation had no impact on him, he told him: O son of Rasul Allah! Preserve yourself, that you belong to a household in the light of whom calamity is fended off and hardship and distress are dissolved, a household for the sake of whom it rains. The Imam (A.S) said: O Jabir! I will remain in the way of my father and ancestor and I view both of them as my paradigm until I meet them.

Jabir addressed the audience saying: I Swear by Allah, I have seen no one like Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S) among children of the Prophets, except Joseph the son of Jacob. I Swear to Allah the progeny of Ali ibn al-Hussein (A.S) are superior to the progeny of Joseph the son of Jacob, since from them (the former) is the one who will spread Justice all over the world when it is filled with injustice.

Taken From: Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S.) in the Holy Qur’an and Hadith By Ayatullah Muhammadi Rayshahri

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