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  • 3/26/2013

New Year Poem


In keeping with the festive spirit of Norouz and Iran’s glory, here is an interesting piece of poetry by Iran’s English language poet, Dr. Hassan Najafi:

The days of grouse gone

We on glory, each dawn its pawn.

Sprout merits each from its matrix

The fragrance of spring the Equinox does fix.

The fusty musty, feculent fetid swept away,

Iran is now of its own, to its own, on its own sway,

Today Iran is fresh as spring

The glory the New Year does bring.

Sweet smiling Iran, loveliest of all you are drawn

Your emergent power displays both brain and brawn.

Sunk are western interests in shapeless ruin all

The grass of revenge overtops the White House wall.

Iran was ill treated and made for sins a prey

They brought their culture for moral’s decay.

The pristine Islamic culture our country’s pride

Resurfaced once again with a majestic stride,

The start of the New Year – a universal blissful hour

The blessings of God on us do shower.

Sanctions worthless as ever, pride attends us still

To stupefied enemies our youths show their skill.

Americans thought of making Iran a ruined land

See the alacrity of progress at our scientists’ hand.

The earth beneath the load shakes

Iran onward way takes.

What call unknown? What argument doomed?

We don’t break the quiet of a tomb.

From these shores, our glory Nowrouz does treat

Spring blossoms between winter’s snow and summer’s heat.

Source: irib.ir

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