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The True Identity of Woman (Part 2)


Violation of women's rights in the history of Europe

Of course, in the history of Europe there were women who could become queen. There were women who were among the nobility. But the issue of women is not limited to the situation of a certain woman or the situation of the women who came from certain families or social classes. These discriminations have always existed. There were certain women who could achieve high positions. For example, they could become Queen of England and they would pass on the advantages to their family and descendants. But this was not the case with women in general. Women did not enjoy any rights in society, which goes against the view of divine faiths - including Islam, which has been protected from distortion.

Deprivation from the most basic human rights until the early years of the 20th century

In spite of all the claims that have been made and in spite of the widespread and growing opposition to hijab in the West and the unprincipled and uncontrolled sexual relationship between men and women - which are wrongly assumed to be a sign of respect for women - women did not have the right to freely use the wealth that belonged to them until the early years of the 20th century. It was their husbands who had full control over their wealth. That is to say, when a woman got married, her wealth would pass on to her husband and she would lose her ownership rights. It was in the early years of the 20th century that women had ownership and employment rights. That is to say, women were denied even the most basic human rights until the early years of the 20th century.

Women used to be denied of suffrage and ownership rights in the West

Until the early years of this century - namely, until the 2nd, 3rd decades of the 20th century - women did not enjoy genuine ownership rights in western countries. That is to say, a woman who got married could no longer have control over her wealth without the permission of her husband. Compare this with the principles of Islam, according to which women are independent.

Pay attention to the fact that in the western world and in European countries that make so many false claims in support of women's rights, not only were women deprived of the right to vote and express their opinions, but in many places they were also denied of ownership rights until the early decades of the 20th century. That is to say, women did not even have the right to have control over the wealth they inherited: it was their husbands who could have control over their wealth.

The western world dragged women into decadence. Until 60, 70 years ago, women in European and western countries could only live under the domination of men - be it their husbands or other men such as owners of factories and farms. Women did not enjoy any of the basic rights that a human being should enjoy in a civilized society. They neither had suffrage and ownership rights, nor did they have the right to engage in trade. Later on they dragged women into the arena of social life and activities, but in the meantime they completely prepared the ground for women to stray. And they left women alone and unprotected in their societies.

You know that no women in any part of Europe had the right to vote until the 2nd decade of this century. And wherever there was democracy, women did not have the right to have control over their wealth. From the 2nd decade of the 20th century - precisely, from the years 1916-1918 onwards - European countries gradually decided to give women the right to express their opinions, to have control over their wealth and to enjoy the same social rights as men. Therefore, Europe woke up very late. Europe realized the truth very late. It appears that Europe is determined to make up for lost time by creating uproar.

By Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

Source: Mahjubah Magezine

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