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The Eye of Charity

nezami ganjavi

One evening Jesus lingered in a marketplace,

Teaching the people parables of truth and grace,

When in the square remote a crowd was seen to ride,

And stop with loathing gestures and abhorring cries.


Master and his meek disciples went to see

What this commotion and disgust could be,

And found a poor dead dog beside the gutter laid:

Revolting sight, at which each face its hate betrayed.


One held his nose, one shut his eyes, one turned away:

And all among themselves began aloud to say,

“Detested creature! He pollutes the earth and the air!”‌

“His eyes are bleak!”‌, “His ears are foul!”‌, “His ribs are bare!”‌


“In his torn hide there’s not a decent shoe-string left!”‌

“No doubt the execrable cur was hung for theft!”‌

Then Jesus spoke, and dropped on him this saving wreath,

“Even pearls are dark before the whiteness of his teeth!”‌


 The pelting crowd grew silent and ashamed, like one

Rebuked by sight of wisdom higher than his own;

And one exclaimed, “No creature so accursed can be,

But some good thing in him a loving eye will see.”‌

By Nezami Ganjavi

Source: caroun.com

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