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My Heart of Steel

nima yushij

Leave me alone,

Me, the babbler

And do not take away my horse,

My saddle-cover and my provision,

Because a restive thought

Has drawn me out of my house.


I have returned from a land

Where no happiness is found.

I have seen lands

Which are the bases of vicious rebels

Who occupy themselves with massacres;

Lands, with spring planted in every corner,

Not flowers, but the wounds of men slain.


On my way, I thought in vain

That any traveller could pass

Through this desert of death

If he had a heart of steel

And could nonchalantly observe good and evil,

Taking all problems easily,

Knowing this world

As the place of hatred and murder,

The place of destruction and wretchedness.


But now I see that my return,

With all the wisdom I put to use,

Has been to the same desert of death,

And the horrible nightmares that have been

My memories from my journey

And still alive before my eyes,

Burning my existence

In their annihilating fire.


For me, a ruined man of travel,

There is not a moment of time to stay;

Now I am more plundered than anyone else;

I have lost whatever I had,

My heart of steel is no longer with me;

I was nothing but my heart,

And now I see

That my heart of steel is left behind on the way;

There is no doubt

That my heart has been thrown

By those malicious people

Into the arms of a spring

Whose flowers, as I said,

Are of blood and wounds.

And now I am thinking that my heart of steel

Would change,

Rusting in the blood of my brothers

So innocently, so unjustly slain.

By Nima Yushij

Source: karbafoo.com

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