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Deh Cheshmeh Village

deh cheshmeh village

Deh Cheshmeh is a green forest-village which is enlisted in Iran’s list of historic monuments thanks to its beautiful intact nature and a number of valuable historic inscriptions. This village is visited daily by hundreds of interested tourists during spring and summer.

Deh Cheshmeh village is located south west of Farsan Town in Chahrmahal-o-Bakhtiari province in an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level. This village has a dry and mild weather; its springs and summers are moderate and pleasant and its winters are cold and dry. The people speak Farsi in Bakhtiari dialect. Their economy is based on agriculture, gardening, and animal husbandry. To name some of the most important agricultural products of Deh Cheshmeh we can mention wheat, barley, alfalfa and clover; peach, apple, grapes, almond and walnut are also its most famous orchard products. This village is also known for its dairy products such as milk, yogurt, sour milk, and butter. A number of the residents of this village have their jobs in the fields of handicrafts and apiculture. Womenfolk are also busy weaving various types of carpets and rugs in addition to the aforementioned activities. As you may have guessed, the souvenirs of Deh Cheshmeh village can be handicrafts, honey, dairy products, nuts, fruits and also trout fish.

The magnificent nature, green and thick gardens, in addition to the existence of the attractive tourist site namely Pirghaar, with inscriptions carved on its mountains, Qal'e Khan, and a stone lion inside the village has made Deh Cheshmeh one of the most picturesque villages in the region.

Pirghaar tourist site consists of a calcareous cave located on the southern heights of the village over which some springs flow. On a part of the mountain, one can see three inscriptions in Farsi in which the military expedition of Sardar As'ad-e Bakhtiari to Tehran, and the role of Bakhtiari tribes in constitutional revolution are explained. Pirghaar tourist site, indeed, attracts many tourists and lovers of nature during different seasons especially spring and summer, thanks to its springs, splendid waterfalls, and green trees.

Source: irib.ir

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