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A Mountain and A Squirrel

allamah muhammad iqbal

A mountain was saying this to a squirrel

“Commit suicide if you have self-respect.


You are insignificant, still so arrogant, how strange!

You are neither wise, nor intelligent! not even shrewd!


 It is strange when the insignificant pose as important!

When the stupid ones like you pose as intelligent!


You are no match in comparison with my splendor

Even the earth is low compared with my splendor


The grandeur of mine does not fall to your lot

The poor animal cannot equal the great mountain!”‌


 On hearing this, the squirrel said, “Hold your tongue!

These are immature thoughts, expel them from your heart!


I do not care if I am not large like you!

You are not a pretty little thing like me


 Everything shows the omnipotence of God

Some large, some small, is the wisdom of God.


He has created you large in the world

And He has taught me climbing of large trees.


You are unable to walk a single step

Only large size! What other greatness have you?


If you are large, show me some of the skills I have

Show me how you break this beetle nut as I can.


 Nothing is useless in this world

Nothing is bad in God’s Creation.


By Allamah Muhammad Iqbal


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