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A Mother’s Dream

allama muhammad iqbal

As I slept one night I saw this dream

Which further increased my vexation.


 I dreamt I was somewhere on the way

Dark it was and impossible to find the way.


 Trembling all over with fear I was

Difficult to take even a step with fear I was.


 With some courage as I forward moved

I saw some boys lined in a nice array.


Dressed in emerald-like raiment they were

Carrying lighted lamps in their hands they were.


They were going quietly behind each other

No one knew where they were to go.


Involved in this thought was I

When in this group my son saw I.


He was walking at the back, and was not walking fast

The lamp he had in his hand was not lighted.


Recognizing him, I said ‘O My dear!

Where have you come leaving me there?


‘Restless due to separation I am

Weeping every day for ever I am.


‘You did not care even a little for me

What loyalty you showed, you left me’!


As the child saw the distress in me

He replied thus, turning around to me.


‘The separation from me makes you cry

Not least little good does this to me.’


He remained quiet for a while after talking

Showing me the lamp then he started talking.


‘Do you understand what happened to this?

Your tears have extinguished this!’

By Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Source: ‌irib.ir

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