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Water for Immortality

water for immortality

What really the youth, the children need is water for immortality.  Sure by this expression we do not mean to say that you should read hundreds of story and other books in order to find a clue as to the whereabouts of the fountain of the water for immortality, to go there, and fill jars with that desirable water for your dear ones and for yourself. No, you do not need to take such a trouble, for you can get that invaluable water by taking the Holy Qur’an  out of the bookshelf, and urging your children to read that Divine Book of eternal salvation, and of course you should make it an obligatory act for yourself to read at least a few pages of the Holy Qur’an each day and it is better to let your children to see you reading the Book of Allah, for this way they will take your advice and follow suit, thus benefitting from that endless ocean of light and knowledge which quenches their inborn thirst for Divine facts and learning and heals any ailments they might have whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Imam Ali (A.S) – the Commander of the faithful has said, “The Qur’an is the healing for all ailments.”‌

 Obviously, the world of humanity would have been in a very nice condition if human beings had sought guidance and healing in the Holy Qur’an instead of resorting to misguiding instructors’ or harmful medications.

How good that would be if parents instead of spending too much on their children’s well-being and funs, tried to invest on their spiritual, emotional and intellectual capabilities through giving them the benefit of Divine teachings, because if equipped with the needed knowledge and light of guidance, human beings will feel safe and hopeful. They will rest assured that Allah, their Loving Creator is close and able to help. Such life-giving knowledge and consciousness will serve them as water for immortality since their souls, their hearts and their God-given talents will achieve that blessed desired immortality meant for human beings by Allah – The Gracious Creator.

 Of course, the enemies of humanity never wish such blissful conditions for the people and so have always tried their best to deviate them, particularly the youth through corrupt misleading entertainments and the like. Yet by Allah’s grace, the situation is rapidly changing for the better. The Islamic awakening which has taken place in the Muslim world and is spreading with an amazing speed is a clear testimony to this claim. Though the arrogant oppressive powers and their agents try hard to present the Islamic awakening movements as secular and materialistic, the truth will overcome the falsehood, as promised by Allah in the Holy Qur’an and the world people will soon grasp the Islamic nature of these movements and realize the false claims of the colonialists whose evil interests have evidently been threatened due to the waves of the Islamic awakening, and the increasing attraction of the youth to Divine teachings and precepts.

Now in these fateful days, let’s pray to the Almighty God to shower His light of guidance on each and every truth-seeking person the world over, in particular over the youth who if properly guided and educated will build the best future both for themselves and the others, and refresh the thirsty world of humanity with the water for immortality. 

Source: Mahjubah Magazine

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