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Heart’s Desires

baba tahir

Art thou a lion or leopard, O Heart, O Heart,

That thou wares ever with me, O Heart, O Heart?

Fall thou into my hands; I’ll spill thy blood,

To see what color it is, O Heart, O Heart!


 Lord! who am I, and of what company?

How long shall tears of blood thus blind mine eyes?

When other refuge fails I’ll turn to Thee,

And if Thou fairest me, whither shall I go?


 I am that sea and have come into a bowl;

I am that dot and have come into a letter;

In every thousand one straight-as-an-aleph appears;

I am that straight one, for I came in a thousand


 Grieving for thee my heart is ever sad,

A brick my pillow, and my couch the earth:

My only sin is loving thee too well:

Surely not all thy lovers suffer so?


More than a thousand hearts has thou laid waste,

More than a thousand suffer grief for thee,

More than a thousand wounds of tine I’ve counted,

Yet the uncounted still are more than these.


Black is my lot, my fortune’s overturned,

Ruined are my fortunes, for my luck is brought low;

A thorn, a thistle I, on the Mountain of Love,

For my heart’s sake. Drown it in blood, O Lord!


By Baba Taher

Source: scoopweb.com

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