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Geri's Game

geri’s game


An old man named Geri plays a game of chess in the park against himself. He starts off playing as white, but then hoists himself up, and lumbers over to play as the black opponent. He quickly dominates the game as the black side, although he is his own opponent. But just when the game's nearly over, White Geri (the one with the glasses) fakes a heart attack to outsmart Black Geri (the one with no glasses), and falls to the ground. This alarms Black Geri, and in turn, he tests his own pulse. While he is doing this, White Geri looks up, and flips the board around, inverting the players to their teams. He checkmates Black Geri, and makes him hand over a set of dentures as the prize. The movie ends with him giving a toothy grin, and the camera backs out, revealing that there is only one Geri.

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