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Bahlool Outstanding Wisdom


A trader accompanied by his slave was travelling in a boat to Basra. By chance Bahlool happened to travel in the same boat. The slave got perturbed with the storm in the river water and started panicking and crying. Bahlool seeked the permission of the Master to calm him by some way.

When the permission was granted Bahlool ordered that the slave be thrown into the water and this was done .When the slave was on the verge of drowning, he gave instructions then to rescue him. Following this, the slave sitting quietly in one corner of the boat behaved calmly.

When asked on the wisdom of such a treatment to the slave, Bahlool explained that he had no understanding of a boat and its movement in the water. Only when he was thrown out into the water did he then come to appreciate the condition of a boat.

The Prophet of Islam has encouraged people to travel by saying: "Travel and you will enrich yourselves' (by new experiences and contacts)

Taken from the book “The Moral Stories (Part 2)”‌‌

Author: Ahmed .H. Sheriff

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