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  • 2/16/2013

Iran would evaluate the proposal, if US honest: Salehi


Iran Foreign Minister says that if the US proves that their intentions are true and honest, Iran will consider it with positive view.In an interview with Mehr News, Ali Akbar Salehi pointed to the final status of negotiation proposal by the US and said “we have two types of negotiations with the US, one is that we have comprehensive discussion on the political relationship, Supreme Leader will decide holding or not holding this kind of negotiation, and it is part of his authorities, and of course we have not had any such discussion, and if the time and conditions are ready, the Supreme Leader will decide about that.”‌

Salehi called the other type of negotiations ‘thematic negotiations.’ “We negotiated with the US about Afghanistan, in Bern, Switzerland. We also talk to them about the crisis in Iraq, so you can see that we could have thematic negotiations with the US.”‌

He also asserted that “even the thematic negotiations are done with Leader’s discretion and not anyone on his own can start a negotiation with the US.”‌

He pointed to two new faces in Barack Obama’s cabinet and that “individuals are effective in foreign policy and that “both Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense have indicated this.”‌

He added that “everybody has a way of implementing foreign policy, and if the US proves their intentions are true and honest, we will consider it with positive view.”‌

He also answered to MNA question about his talks with Egypt’s FM, saying that “we talked about Syria, and we hope that we are getting closer positions about Syria.”‌



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