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The Mysterious Health Benefits of Corns


Corn is a body building food. Corn is a rich source of many essential nutrients and fiber. A meal rich in corn can go a long way in protecting against many diseases and ailments.

Nutritional Value of Corn

Given below is the amount of nutrients in 100 gm of corn: 




86 Kcal


18.70 g


3.27 g

Total Fat

1.35 g


0 mg

Dietary Fiber

2.0 g



42 µg


1.770 mg

Pantothenic acid

0.717 mg


0.093 mg


0.055 mg


0.155 mg

Vitamin A

187 IU

Vitamin C

6.8 mg

Vitamin E

0.07 mg

Vitamin K

0.3 µg



15 mg


270 mg



2 mg


0.054 mg


0.52 mg


37 mg


0.163 mg


0.6 µg


0.46 mg



47 µg


16 µg


1.) Rich in calories: Corn contains huge amount of healthy calories which is very much needed for humans to be energetic throughout the day. It forms a perfect staple for diet as it contains 77 grams of calories in a medium sized corn.

2.) Corn is enriched with vitamins: Constituent of various vitamins in corn will help for proper growth of nervous system. If anyone wants to have a good eye sight and skin complexion then consume more and more corn as it is rich in Vitamin A. It provides all the essential vitamins and nutrients required for the proper growth of the baby in a pregnant woman.

3.) Corn is a source of minerals: Corn is a very good supplement for many minerals like copper, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. Phosphorus is a very essential mineral for proper growth of the bone tissues in body. Magnesium is very good for maintaining healthy heart. So let your children eat more and more corn and be healthy and stronger all through their lifespan.

4.) Prevent Colorectal Cancer and Haemorrhoids: Haemorrhoids and Colorectal Cancer are caused due to indigestion which leads to constipation. Corn is a rich source of fiber which when consumed regularly helps in proper digestion of food and thus helps in eliminating the toxics from the body.

5.) Prevent cancer: Cornell University has performed extensive research on corn and have revelled that it contains more antioxidant property which can fight against free radicals which will cause cancer. The antioxidant property will be still more increased when sweet corn is cooked. Corn contains ferulic acid which is an anti-cancer agent. This will fight against tumor causing cells in breast. This will also avoid liver cancer. Corn contains Anthocyanins which is a scavenger in eradicating free radicals which causes cancer in human body.

6.) Cardio protector: Researches have proven that corn oil will provide anti artherogenic results for cholesterol level in human body. Increased cholesterol level is the main reason for cardiac problems where the veins and arteries will be blocked preventing normal blood flow. Corn husk oil will absorb the cholesterol and thus reduces the plasma LDL cholesterol which also plays a main role for cardiac problem. So, start to use corn oil for preparing dishes and avoid many heart problems.

7.) Anaemia protector: Anaemia is caused due to lack of vitamin B12. Corn is rich in B12 vitamin and folic acid which can help in increasing the red blood cells count in the human body.

8.) Get protected from Hypertension and Diabetes: NIDDM (Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) which is also called as type to diabetes is very common in humans. Corn is low in sugar and also helps to manage the diabetes. Phenolic phyto chemicals play a very important role for controlling hypertension in human body which is found in abundance in corn. Consume corn regularly and be stress and sugar free.

9.) Yields healthy baby: Pregnant woman needs to consume good nutritious food regularly to ensure proper growth of the baby. Lack of Folic acid during pregnancy will lead to underweight baby and at the extreme it will also lead to defects in neural tubes. Corn can provide essential folates for the pregnant woman and is highly essential to consume regularly.

10.) Intellectual growth: Vitamin B constituents like Niacin and Thiamin is found in abundance in corn. Thiamin is very much essential for maintaining nerves functionality whereas deficiency of Niacin will cause for Pellagra, Dermatitis and dementia. So consume more corn and be genius.

Corn is very much essential for human beings as the health benefits of corn are enormous. So include corn in your daily food and keep yourself in a safer side from many diseases.

Tips on Using Corn

· The sugar content in corn rapidly turns to starch as soon as the corn is picked, so to enjoy it at its optimal sweetness and nutritional peak, corn should be eaten as fresh as possible.

·  When storing corn, keep it in the refrigerator and do not remove its outer husk since this will protect its flavor.

· To tests the juiciness of the corn, press your fingernail into a kernel. Corn that is fresh will exude a white milky substance.






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