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Light and Darkness: part 2

imam mahdi (a.s)

In the physical world, darkness occurs when layers of material prevent the penetration of rays of light. A good example is what marine biologists experience in deep seas. When Yonus (Joanna) angrily left his town, he suddenly found himself in three layers of darkness: the night; the deep sea; and, the whale's belly.

The Qur’an presents another interesting case, which is indicative towards Allah as the Creator:

He created you from one being, then from that (being) He made its mate; and He hath provided for you of cattle eight kinds. He created you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation, in a threefold gloom. Such is Allah, your Lord. His is the Sovereignty. There is no Allah save Him. How then are ye turned away? Qur’an (39:6)

In the spiritual world, it is man's heart which receives the rays of guidance from Allah. Upon sinning, this heart will be covered with layers of what looks like "rusts" - which are impermeable to any spiritual enlightenment. The Quran calls the hearts of those who insistently indulge in sins, without considering repentance, as being "sealed." According to the Prophet, only constant, sincere repentance can remove such rusts.

In the first chapter of the Qur’an, there is an interesting analogy between the physical darkness and the spiritual one.

As discussed somewhere else6, the (written) Qur’an is the lower word of Allah - it is only a silent book. Recitation of Allah's words brings humility to the believers' hearts and makes them ready to receive the guidance. The rightful Imam is the light of Allah who guides the pious towards the straight path. For knowing the intended meanings of Allah's final revelation, the Imam's light pierces through every darkness to dispel it.

The Qur’an encourages every Muslim to become a Mo'min - a true believer. Then by responding to the call "Oh you who believe," the believers are perhaps moved to become pious - Mutaqeen. Only the latter group can find guidance from the Qur’an. Believing in the Unseen constitutes an integral part of the belief of the latter group, as the Qur’an declares in its very first chapter. Imam Mahdi is part of the Unseen. His path is therefore the Straight Path.

The interconnection between the Qur’an and the Imam is inseparable. One leads to the other. Without being an infallible, already-guided, the Mahdi cannot provide any guidance to others. His occultation is just part of the Unseen world. His presence in the hearts of the pious looks like the shinning Sun which is being obscured by little clouds.

Source: Universality of the Mahdi’s Mission

Author: Mahdawiat.com

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