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  • 2/12/2013

Iran FM sees bright prospects for upcoming Almaty nuclear talks


Iranian Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi said on Tuesday that he sees bright prospects for upcoming Iran-G5+1 nuclear talks in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Salehi who is visiting Moscow, told a press conference that propaganda campaign against Iranian nuclear program has been raised over the past 10 years. He complained that the western governments have embarked on an unfair challenge against the Islamic Republic of Iran over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. He added that global nuclear experts know well that Iran’s nuclear issue has no problem from technical point of view.“We believe that Iran’s nuclear program which is a technical issue has turned into a political issue, so a political resolution is needed to solve it and to this end nuclear talks were initiated with G5+1, although we believe that the IAEA must fulfill its responsibility to resolve the technical aspect of the dispute.”‌ Iranian Foreign Minister arrived in Moscow for a 2-day visit on Sunday evening. 



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