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Bahlool’s Advice to Haroon 


Haroon Al-Rashid once requested Bahlool for his advice in matters of administration of his Caliphate. In reply Bahiool said:

"Suppose for a moment that you get trapped into a jungle and you are suffering from intense thirst whilst there is no water available. If by good luck someone comes to offer you a cup of water to save your life, what would you givel him in return?"

Haroon said: "One hundred Dinars of Gold". Bahlool said: "If he was not satisfied with this and willing to accept, then what?"

Haroon said: "I would offer half of my kingdom" Bahloo then asked:

"Supposing after quenching your thirst, you were to suffer from strangury (restriction in passing urine), what would you offer to get cured?" Haroon replied:

“The Balance half of my kingdom" Bahlool then advised:

"Do not be arrogant on your kingdom whilst you are willing to give away so much in return for a cup of water and cure of your sickness. It is only wise that you should treat your people fairly and kindly" How rightly has the Prophet said that:

"The worldly life is subject to changes. What good is meant for you would reach you even in your state of weakness. And what bad is to have, you will not be able to discard even with your power".

Taken from the book “The Moral Stories (Part 2)”‌

Author: Ahmed .H. Sheriff

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