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Specification of Pishgam rocket carrying monkey to space


Iranian scientists were able to take a big step in the field of space technology and biological space research by sending monkey to space, which only handful of countries are able to do.The project of sending living species to space was done by Iranian Space Agency and its hard working management team.

The Pishgam (Pioneer) spacecraft lunched by Aerospace Industries Organization of Ministry of Defense and followed by its scientists step by step during the lunch, achieving anticipated speed, acceleration and the desired height and again returning to earth. All species traveling with thespacecraft, recovered successfully upon return.

The Pishgam spacecraft consist of four section

1) Engine, part of tail encasement, stabilizer wings, Height control block and engine nozzle.

2) Lunch pad for the probe

3) Ground control to communicate with the probe in real time.

4)  The cargo capsule for species and separate recovery module for them.


The Pishgam spacecraft took monkey to over 120 KM into space, Indigenization of design and space technology, engineering and lunching the probe, successful recovery of species, environmental metrics data, presence of biological and imagery data during all phases of lunch and determination of acoustics sources were some of the objective of this mission.



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