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Standing against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and Biases

the holy prophet (pbuh)

The holy Prophet of Islam welcomed Salman who was an Iranian and Bilal al-Habashi with open arms in the same manner as he welcomed Abuzar Ghaffari, Meqdad bin Aswad Kandy and Ammar Yaser; since Salman was able to excel others, the Prophet said: “Salman is a member of my holy household.”‌[1]

The holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was always careful about racial and ethnic prejudices which could lead to some problems within the Islamic community. In the battle of Uhud, there was an Iranian young man among Muslims. When this young Muslim hit one of the enemies, he proudly shouted, “take this blow and hit, I am an Iranian young man”‌. The Holy Prophet felt these words may arouse the others’ sense of prejudice; he immediately told that young man: “why did not you say, this is me, an Ansari man (a helper)[2], that is, why weren’t you proud of your belief instead of your race and ethnicity?”‌

One day, Salman was sitting in the Mosque of Prophet in Medina. Some of the great companions of the Prophet were also present there. They started talking about ancestry and everybody was trying to say whatever they could to be more proud of their lineage. It was Salman’s turn, and then they asked him to tell them about his race and lineage. Instead of talking about ethnic and racial honors, the wise and educated man said:   

“My name is Salman and I am the son of one of Allah’s servants. I was misled but Allah guided me by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); I was poor but Allah made me rich by Muhammad (PBUH); I was a slave and Allah released me by Muhammad (PBUH); this is my race and originality.”‌ [3]

Meanwhile, the holy Prophet entered the Mosque and Salman told him what had happened.


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Source: Mohjat-al-Beyza by Fayz Kashani

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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