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Whom should we appeal for help?

 the holy prophet (pbuh)

Shazan Qomi narrates that one day the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sitting with his companions when Malik ibn Nuwaira, a man from Bani Tamim, came to visit the holy Prophet. Addressing the prophet, he said: “Please teach me the faith and Islamic rules so that by practicing them I may be blessed and achieve salvation”‌.   

The holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied: “Must thou bear witness there is no God except the One Allah and he has no partner; you must also bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Moreover, you are commanded to perform daily prayers five times a day; you are expected to fast in Ramadhan; you must give alms and one-fifth of your surplus asset. Meanwhile, you must accept Ali bin Abi Talib as my successor, and his eleven children’s guardianship. Finally, you must follow Islamic laws and rules and observe what is religiously permissible and avoid what is prohibited; also you must watch not to violate other’s rights.”‌      

Then the holy Prophet continued and referred to many other social and personal rules and laws. Malik bin Nuwaira said: “O, Messenger of Allah! I am very forgetful; would you kindly repeat what you said one more time?”‌ Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) accepted and repeated what he had been said.

As Malik bin Nuwaira decided to leave them, the holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “everyone who would like to see a man from heaven may look at this man”‌

Some people who were present in the gathering, quickly followed Malik and stopped him, they told him: “the messenger of Allah has said that you are from heaven, so, we were wondering if you could intercede on behalf of us and beseech Allah Him to forgive us.”‌

Malik answered: “you cannot have God’s mercy and forgiveness because you asked me instead of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who is the holder of intercession and Allah’s favorite to save you.”‌

Thus, they got upset and before they say anything, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) smiled and said: “Indeed, the truth is sometime hard to hear.”‌ [i]

[i]  Shazan ibn Jibreel Qomi ‘s Virtues , P. 75/ Bihar al-Anwar , Vol. 30, P. 343, No. 163

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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