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Reasons for Annihilation of Previous Nations

the holy prophet (pbuh)

When Mecca was conquered and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stayed there for some days, some untoward developments unfolded. For example, Fatima, Al-Aswad bin Abdul Asad’s daughter and Abu Salamah bin Abdul Asad’s nephew, who was one of the aristocrats of Banu Makhzum clan, committed robbery. As she was committing the crime, she was arrested and taken to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

Her relatives did know that no one except Usamah bin Zayd dared to intercede on her behalf so that Prophet Muhammad exempt her from punishment. They went to Usamah and asked him to request the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to pardon Fatima. Finally, he accepted and went to the holy Prophet and requested him to forgive Fatima. Suddenly, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got upset and said: “no mediation would be accepted in the implementation of punishment; when it comes to me and my relatives, I don’t take their side. The sentence must be implemented. Usamah! Are you interceding with me to trample upon one of Allah’s rules?”‌ 

When he realized Prophet Muhammad’s sadness, Usamah felt sorry for what he had asked for and then he said: “O, Messenger of Allah! Please pray to God to forgive me.”‌

Then holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied: “the previous nations were annihilated because when a famous man among them stole something, he was not arrested and punished; however, when a poor one committed such a crime, he was punished; if Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter steals something, I will cut her hand.

 Then Fatimah Makhzumiyah was punished for theft. 

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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