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One Example of Holy Prophet Muhammad’s Tactics

the holy prophet (pbuh)

In the late years of Prophet Muhammad’s migration, when Islam was gradually flourishing, a group of representatives from Taif came to visit the holy Prophet in Medina. They said: “people of Taif are ready to embrace Islam. However, they want you to let them be free like before in prostitution, usury and drinking wine. The holy Prophet did not accept their suggestion and said: “these activities are prohibited in Islam.”‌ The representatives went back to Taif and narrated what the prophet had told them. 

This time, the people of Taif suggested that the prophet exempt them from fasting, prayers and Jihad; their representatives went to Medina and offered their suggestion and the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) accepted their proposal. The Muslims then asked him: “aren’t Jihad, fasting and prayers compulsory?”‌ Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “yes”‌. They again asked: “so why did you exempt them from these compulsory deeds?”‌

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) answered: “After they become Muslim, they themselves will realize the truth and values of such compulsory rites and rituals and will act according to them.”‌   

It occurred as the holy Prophet had mentioned. After embracing Islam, they gradually realized the values of compulsory rites and rituals and practiced them. In fact, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was inviting people to Islam through valuable tactics. 

Source: Muhammad Reza Tabatabi Nasab, the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s Behavioral Patterns.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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