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Secrets behind the deep influence and rapid development of Islam

the holy prophet (pbuh)

What are secrets behind the deep influence and rapid development of Islam?

The truth is, among all effective factors, the first one is the Qur’an itself and its content. Besides the Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad’s personality, his behavior, his precept, his management and leadership can be regarded as other important factors for rapid spread and influence of Islam. Even after his demise, his precept and tradition has been among crucial factors of spread of Islam.

But the question is: What are the salient features of personality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Following is an example of Prophet Muhammad's behavior and reaction.

One day he was going to lead the prayers in congregation (jama’ah) at the mosque when a person stopped him on the street and claimed that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) owed some amount to him; the man asked the Prophet to pay the debt back right then. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied: “firstly, I owe you nothing; secondly, I don’t have any money right now with myself, so let me go.”‌ But the man did not move even one step to let the Prophet go. The more holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) softened towards him, the more the man became aggressive. In fact, he acted so violently that finally he tussled with the Prophet; he wrapped the Prophet’s mantle around his neck and pulled it so hard that the Prophet’s neck became red. Since Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had delayed, Muslims came to pick him up. On their way, they saw the Jewish man who had such a claim; so they tried to stand against him but the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked them: “do not touch him, I do know how to behave with my friend; then he calmed the man in a manner that he eventually said: “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah”‌. Then the Jewish man said: “how do you show such a tolerance with such a power? This tolerance is not of a normal person, it is Prophetic ….”‌

Source: Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Martyr Murteza Mutahhari 

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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