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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Recommendations to Abuzar (Part 2)

the holy prophet (pbuh)

Some of most valuable and precious traditions handed down from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are the ones given to Abuzar. Due to their importance and fruitfulness, they are known as Abuzar traditions. Some of them are given below

O, Abuzar!  Beware of dying while committing a sin, since in that case, not only there is no way for you to come back to the world in order to repent and compensate but also your heirs do not praise you for the legacy you left; also the Almighty Allah won't accept your apologies due to the things you had sent in advance.

O, Abuzar! If the Almighty Allah likes His servant, He will visualize his sins for him and makes him realize the heavy burden of sins; and if he causes Allah not to love him, He makes him forget his sins.

O, Abuzar! Those whose deeds correspond with their words, have received his share from felicity and prosperity while those whose deeds are not in accordance with their words, would blame themselves on the Judgment Day when the former ones are rewarded.

O, Abuzar! People may be deprived of their appointed provisions due to the sins they commit. 

O, Abuzar! A clever and knowledgeable man is the one who trains in his carnal self and tries a lot for the life after death, and the weak is the one who follows his desires and also prays to God to realize his dreams.

O, Abuzar, appreciate five blessings before missing them, your youth before becoming old; your health before falling sick; your rich before becoming poor; your leisure before becoming busy; and your life before your death.”‌

The Almighty God revealed to my brother Jesus Christ: “don't love the world since I don't like it; be interested in the Hereafter.”‌

Source: Ayatollah Mesbaah Yazdi: Provision

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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