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Some Advices Given to Abuzar by Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Part 1

the holy prophet (pbuh)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave some advice to Abuzar which are seen as the most valuable and precious traditions handed down from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Because Abuzar was repeatedly addressed with regard to these advices and due to their importance and fruitfulness, they are known as Abuzar traditions.

These traditions are diverse and are expressed in such numerous moral and instructive frameworks that different people can benefit from them according to their tastes and interests and choose the most appropriate educative instructions which may constructively affect their spirit. In fact, these traditions are a sort of miracle.

In what follows holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), addressing Abuzar, preaches:

O, Abuzar! I am preaching to you now and I expect you to keep and practise them since they encompass all roads to prosperity. If you practice this advice, happiness in this world and heaven in the Hereafter will be given to you.

O, Abuzar!, worship Allah as if you see Him, since though you do not see Him, He sees you.

O, Abuzar! The first step to worship Allah is to know Him; indeed, He is the first, there had been nothing before Him; He is the One and no one is like Him; He is the immortal. He is the one who has created skies, the earth and whatever you find in them and between them; He is the kind wise and is able to do everything.

O, Abuzar! Most of the people don't appreciate two gifts: one is health and the other is leisure.

Anyone who learns knowledge with the aim of deceiving others has not smelled the heavenly scent.

Source: Ayatollah Mesbaah Yazdi: Provision

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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