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19th of Day Shook Pillars of Monarchy in Iran

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Political observers and analysts believe that January 9, 1978 (Day 19, 1356 AHS) incidents shook very basic pillars of monarchy in Iran and can be considered as a turning point in the history of the Islamic Revolution.

Several protesters were killed during a crackdown on anti-Shah regime demonstrations in the holy city of Qom. The deadly incident came just a year before the historic victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The funeral ceremonies of the martyrs were held in different parts of the country and the Islamic movement was swiftly spreading towards all major cities.

The incident shook very basic pillars of the monarchy in Iran and levered ground for the victory and establishment of the Islamic and democratic system in Iran.

On the other hand, the brutal regime of Shah along with some global arrogant powers and some regional dictatorial rulers and monarchies coordinated efforts to hinder the Islamic Revolution.

The high-ranking officials in Shah Regime with the help of the United States were able to convince the neighboring Iraq to expel Imam Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic movement from the country.

Kuwait also blocked Imam’s entry into the country due to pressure form the Shah regime and some other external powers.

Finally Imam decided to move towards France and selected a place in the suburbs of Paris to lead a simple life and monitor the ongoing activities of the Islamic Revolution.

The French government tried to restrict Imam’s social and political activities. However, Imam became centre of the international media and nations from across the world.

Imam was also releasing messages and monitoring the ongoing and unfolding revolution in Iran.

Finally Shah was forced to flee the country and the great Imam announced the historic decision of his return to Iran. The revolution gained a full-scale victory in 1979 under the wise leadership of the great Imam.

Imam’s dynamic thought are still inspiring revolutions and the Islamic Awakening in different parts of the world.

Source: imam-khomeini.ir

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