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The Bright Page in the History of Jihad

mukhtar al-thaqafy_ tomb

Mus'ab bin al-Zubair

Abdullah bin al-Zubair thought about a new, strict ruler to appoint over Basrah. He chose his brother Mus'ab to carry out the task. Mus'ab bin al-Zubair arrived in Basrah and addressed its people:

Some people have told me that you surname your rulers. Before you surname me, I have surnamed myself al-Jazzar (butcher).

Some persons killed innocent people. They escaped from Mukhtar's justice. They began urging Mus'ab to fight Mukhtar.

The Believing Woman

 Mus'ab ordered his soldiers to arrest Mukhtar's wife. Her name was Umra. Her father's name was al-Numan bin Bashher al-Ansary. She was a believing woman.

Mus'ab asked her to disown her husband. She said:

I won't disown him. He fasted in the day. He said his prayers at night. He sacrificed himself for Allah and His Apostle. He took revenge on Imam Hussein's killers.

Mus'ab said with threat:

I'll kill you!

The believing woman said:

To die a martyr for Allah is better than this world. I'll die and enter paradise! I prefer Imam Ali to everything!

Mus'ab decided to kill her. In the dark, a person took her to a place between Hira and Kufa. In that desert, the person beheaded her. She died a martyr for Imam Hussein's aims.

Mukhtar and his wife passed away. They wrote a bright page in the history of Jihad. The page has illuminated the way for generations.

Taken from Mukhtar al-Thaqafy by Kamal al-seyyed

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