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Abid al-Malik bin Marwan

mukhtar al-thaqafy

 Mukhtar made peace with Abdullah bin al-Zubair to unite efforts against the Umayyads, the enemy of Islam.

Still Abdullah bin al-Zubair was ambitious. He was afraid of Mukhtar's increasing power and popular base, for he could end the persons who committed the Karbala massacre.

Yazid bin Mu'awiyah died. His son Mu'awiyah succeeded him. Mu'awiyah bin Yazid bin Mu'awiyah was a believing young man. He admitted that his father was bad. Therefore, he resigned from the Caliphate.

Marwan bin al-Hakam was ambitious. He took advantage of the situation. So, he became the ruler. He ruled for six months. He died. Then his son Abid al-Malik succeeded him.

Abid al-Malik bin Marwan sent a big army to occupy al-Medina al-Munawwara. Mukhtar heard about the army. He formed an army of three thousand fighters to save the Prophet's City.

Apparently, Bin al-Zubair sent an army of two thousand fighters to defend Medina against Abid al-Malik's Army. Abdullah bin al-Zubair's real aim was to attack Mukhtar's army.

Mukhtar's soldiers were busy fighting. Bin al-Zubair's army took advantage of the situation. It attacked Mukhtar's soldiers. It killed some soldiers.

Bin Zubair disliked the Alawids. He brought them together near a mountain outside Mecca. He prevented them from leaving that place. Besides he demolished their houses.

Mukhtar sent five thousand fighters to raise the siege. He released the Alawids and rebuilt their houses.

Taken from Mukhtar al-Thaqafy by Kamal al-seyyed

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