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The Revolution breaks out

imam hussein (a.s)

On Tuesday night, 12th Rabi al-Awwal, namely two days before the revolution, on the way to Mukhtar's house, Ibrahim al-Ashtar and some of his friends came across a patrol. The commander of the patrol said:

Who are you?

Ibrahim replied:

I'm Ibrahim al-Ashtar

The commander of the patrol said:

Who are those with you? Have you permission to go out at night?


We must arrest you!

Ibrahim al-Ashtar was forced to attack the Commander. He killed him. The rest of the patrol ran away.

Ibrahim al-Ashtar and his friends hurried to Mukhtar. They told him about the incident. Ibrahim al-Ashtar said to Mukhtar:

You must announce the revolution at once!

Mukhtar said:

What has happened?

I have killed the Commander of the patrol. It's important to announce the revolution at once.

Mukhtar became cheerful and said:

May Allah make you happy! This is the beginning of the conquest!

The Revenge

Mukhtar ordered his followers to make fires. The fires were a sign of the revolution.

At midnight, the Kufians woke. They heard the revolutionaries repeating slogans. The revolutionaries went to Mukhtar's house.

Street clashes took place in Kufa. The Ruler's soldiers and the police surrendered. Then the Ruler himself escaped to al-Hejaz.

In Kufa Mosque

  Mukhtar went up the pulpit. He announced the aims of the revolution:

I'll conform to Allah's Book and to His Apostle's sunnah. I'll take revenge on Imam Hussein's killers. I'll fight against those who have broken Allah's laws. I'll defend the weak against the strong.

Mukhtar wanted to follow Imam Ali's just policy. So, the people were full of happiness. The Umayyads were racists. They preferred Arabs to non-Arabs. For this reason, Mukhtar abolished racial discrimination. He adopted justice instead.

Taken from Mukhtar al-Thaqafy by Kamal al-seyyed

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