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Crisis of contemporary human beings and the way out (Part 2)


Today’s world is a raucous world.  Sometimes one feels as if he has lost his self and lacks any will. We move along the current to any direction either up or down. Everything depends on the circumstances. It can be said that humans in today’s world have reached the point of uncertainty and face the crisis of identity.

The crisis emerges when a conflict arises between the person’s inner self and the surrounding world. There are so many conflicts that may arise on a daily basis. In this article, we intend to shed light on some examples that are normally related to family and contemporary humans:

Crisis of materialistic morality: Materialistic morality is one of the worst enemies of humanity that truly destroys it.

Crisis of skepticism: People are skeptic about everything these days. They may even doubt their own shadows. They hardly trust anyone.

Crisis of consumerism: When we think more deeply, we realize that we have turned into very good consumers in service of Chinese factories and low-quality products that are cheap and available. If we think more, we will realize that we have turned into such dexterous and irrational consumers.

Crisis of extreme tendency towards fashions: It seems as if there is no way out. One should comply with the fashion. Otherwise, you will be mocked and considered as a backward person.

Crisis of generation gap: Since the time of human creation, you hardly find parents who would understand their children as their children wish them to realize what they mean. This topic will be addressed in another article based on a historical document.

Crisis of anxiety: Anxiety is different from fear. For instance, we are afraid of death. But our fear may go away after a while. But it is anxiety, concern and mental commotion that we are not aware of. Anxiety is an individual issue related to the person and his hidden self. That is why it causes fretfulness.

Crisis of impulsiveness: We assume that we are getting closer to the end of the world and the time is like gold and we should be in a state of haste. How and at what price are we living this lifestyle?

Crisis of self-dissatisfaction: We make great deal of efforts to appear better and become richer and more successful, but to no avail.

Crisis of family decline: The growing number of divorce cases in recent years is a strong proof indicating the existence of a family crisis.

Some solutions suggested for getting rid of contemporary crises:

There are so many different ways in order to have a more comfortable life. Firstly, one should seek proximity to God and hold fast to the holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s household. Secondly, one should look for the world of arts and literature in particular.

Literature is full of order and organization in this disorderly world. Literature is full of love, emotion and affection and contributes to human self-realization.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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